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March 25, 2015

Skyrim updates that we missed

by tam1

To compensate the lack of significant updates for the last couple of months, here is a brief digest of contents posted elsewhere during this time.


First of all, check out the official trailer with gameplay footage. All right, you probably did that already, but just in case here’s a YouTube link.

End-March interview with Todd Howard posted on IGN:
“The Elder Scrolls Evolved: What’s New in Skyrim”. Title says it all, and Howard also promises a levitation DLC for $300. Luckily he doesn’t mention what the price of the game itself is going to be. At least the version where levitation will work in a fine fashion.

Mid-April Skyrim preview on Gamespot:..

A slideshow of latest Skyrim screenshots:


Check out the renewed Elder Scrolls website. And the new official trailer of the game with lots of exciting gameplay footage:

And, last but not least, an IGN article with the rating of Elder Scrolls gods:
While this one isn’t really Skyrim-related, it’s still a nice read for long-term fans of the series.

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